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van Son & Koot B.V.

About the company

A leading and innovative producer of garden plants. That is Van Son & Koot. Retail chains, wholesalers, exporters, garden centers and line drivers across Europe opt for the progressive approach of this dynamic company.

Van Son & Koot offers an extensive range of exclusive garden plants. Acer palmatum (Japanese maple) plays a leading role in this. The range of garden plants is also very broad and innovative. New varieties appear on the scene every year.


  • Acer palmatum/Japanese Maple in different varieties
  • Camellia japonica/sasanqua in different varieties
  • Hydrangea in different varieties
  • Skimmia in different varieties
  • Match & Moss Collection
  • Conifers in varieties
  • Kalmia
  • Mangave Collection
  • Photinia in different varieties
  • And a lot more exclusive Garden plants