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About the company

Oldest and largest breeder of winter-hardy heather species in Europe.

Creator of the renowned plant brand Gardengirls in 1997

Heather breeding since 1974

Specialised in breeding and promoting the bud-bloomer brand Gardengirls in Germany and throughout Europe.


Calluna Gardengirls – winter-hardy bud-bloomers

Over 60 varieties

  • Summer Line – the earliest bud-bloomers in the season as of mid-August
  • Classic Line – Bright shining colours for your autumn decoration
  • Late Line – The varieties for the late season with long shelf life
  • Sunset Girls – The varieties with stunning colourful foliage from green, yellow over fiery red, copper brown, silver to almost black well lasting until spring
  • Rasta Girls – The assortment of varieties with long trailing stems offering the third dimension for colour bowls and flower arrangements
  • Twingirls – Two colours in one pot
  • Trio-Girls – Three colours in one pot offering countless combinations, especially with the foliage colours of the Sunset-Girls
  • Quattro-Girls – Four attractive colours in one container
  • Quinto-Girls – The ultimative fireworks of colours in autumn