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Mabo Boomkwekerijen

About the company

Mabo Boomkwerijen grow a wide range of species with Avenuetrees in the open-field. We established through the years a vast network. Mabo has about 20 hectares open-field grown trees, we try to grow our trees nature-friendly as possible. About the shaped-trees from the open-field, we always search for the best quality trees to get a fully pleached screen or roof-form.

Throughout the years shaped-trees in a container are more common, we try to anticipate at this change. Because we have nowadays about 2.5-hectare container-grown trees which is about 75% shaped-trees. By doing this it is possible to answer most of the inquiries or give a very good option.

Quality comes first, that’s why we create the best shaped-trees with uniform heights en sizes. When you want another height or size that will be no problem for us. Flexibility and experience together are the basis for quality!


  • Betula pendula ‘Tristis’ Weepingtree
  • Carpinus betulus Avenue- and Formtree
  • Clereodendron trichototum Avenuetree
  • Catalpa bign. ‘Nana’ Sphericaltree
  • Fagus sylvatica Avenue- and Formtree
  • Ginkgo biloba (varieties) Avenue- and Formtree
  • Liquidambar styraciflua Avenue- and Formtree
  • Pyrus cal. ‘Chanticleer’ Avenue- and Formtree
  • Quercus palustris Avenue- and Formtree

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