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About the company

MPS is committed to making the global horticulture sector more sustainable. We achieve this by making the sustainability efforts of horticultural companies transparent and measurable. For that purpose, we develop and manage a range of certificates and on and offline tools. These certificates ensure that sustainability in the horticulture sector is increasingly becoming an integral part of the day-to-day business activities. MPS standards are internationally recognised and at the cutting edge of the horticulture industry. These standards not only concern the environment however; MPS also promotes sustainability with certificates for quality assurance and social aspects. In doing so, we offer the sector tools for the effective implementation of corporate sustainability.



  • MPS-Group label
  • MPS-Natural Protected
  • MPS-Potting soil
  • MPS-ProductProof
  • MPS-Quality
  • MPS-Socially Qualified
  • Florimark-GTP
  • Florimark-Trade