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About the company

Plantipp BV represents breeders nd their new plant varieties. We are an independent company with the aim to protect a new variety and achieve optimum royalty returns for plant breeders. Plantipp was founded in 1994

Plantipp BV manages new plant varieties in Europe, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, South-Korea, South-Africa etc. Concept Plants is the sister company of Plantipp BV in the USA.


  • Astelia Red Shadow
  • Celmatis Little Lemons
  • Coreopsis rosea Twinklebells Sunrise
  • Coreopsis rosea Twinklebells Copper
  • Lavendule x heterophylie ‘Meerlo’
  • Lonicare ntida Garden Clouds Copper Glow
  • Lonicare ntida Garden Clouds Green Breeze
  • Lonicare ntida Garden Clouds Purple Storm
  • Sempervivum Arctic White