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Quality Green Plants B.V.

About the company

Quality Green Plants combines strength, knowledge and talent. Under the brand name forever green ® we supply a wide range of A+ quality evergreen garden plants. The most important of these are: Conifers, Buxus (box) and Mini Christmas trees. We are also the exclusive supplier of the new Luxus® line.

We supply high quality products only thanks to many years of experience and specialism. Pots are washed before being sent out and can be printed with the logo of the end customer. Labels are printed in all European languages. A well-tended product with the right information for the customer and the consumer is a given.

With Quality Green Plants you can rely on knowledge and expertise of the consumer and the market. With this input we will be happy to arrange your own individual twelve-month programme and devise a ready-to-go shop concept. We can then supply large volumes with a huge diversity on a just in time basis.

Quality Green Plants focuses on product innovation. One example being the development of the new Luxus® line. With our innovations you can constantly stand out and surprise your consumers.

Quality Green Plants not only stands for A+ quality plants but also for A+ quality organisation and certification, such as the quality mark MPS-Florimark Production. This includes MPS-A, GAP, Quality and SQ.


  • Conifer: C1, C2 en C3
  • Buxus Globes
  • Picea glauca Conica x-mas: P9 t/m P26
  • Ilex crenata Luxus® Hedge (`Annys5`PBR): P9, P10,5, P13/C1.5 high, P15 / C2 High,
  • Ilex crenata Luxus® Globe (`Annys5`PBR): P17 / C2 Globe, P19 / C3 Globe en P23 / C5 Globe.