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About the company

TSD is a total supplier of ICT solutions in the green sector. As a service provider and supplier of software and hardware, TSD has been supplying targeted solutions for the (tree) nurseries, gardeners, garden designers and landscapers for years.

Through years of supplying innovative and powerful software to the green sector, TSD has gained a wealth of knowledge of the industry and the specific issues within it over more than 35 years.

This, combined with powerful collaborations with trade organizations and the green background of a large number of employees, makes TSD a distinctive IT service provider for the (tree) nurseries, gardeners, garden designers and landscaping managers.

TSD supports the green professional by applying modern techniques and by developing ICT solutions. TSD is the market leader in tree nursery software. Not only in the Netherlands, but in more than 8 countries in Europe and North America. For the broad green sector, TSD focuses on ICT solutions that stand for efficiency, time saving and unburdening the green professional. From tree nurseries and trading companies to gardeners, garden designers and landscapers: The green professional finds an expert ICT partner in TSD.

Product Range

  • WinTree® CONNECT
  • WinTree® App
  • TreeCommerce® Messenger