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the company

Valkplant is a company specialised in testing, protecting, commercially developing and marketing new plant varieties. We constantly are searching for the most beautiful and innovating plant varieties. Since our establishment in 1993 we practise this profession and a lot of very successful plants have been introduced into the market. We do this with a lot of passion for plants and always based on our many years of botanical plant knowledge. Well known introductions from our assortment are Hydrangea arb. Strong Annabelle®, Berberis thunb. Admiration, Syringa Bloomerang® Pink Perfume, Loropetalum Black Pearl® but also Weigela All Summer® and Hydrangea pan. Little Lime® are in our assortment.

      Hydrangea arb. Strong Annabelle® ('ABETWO') _3_W
      Berberis thunb. 'Admiration' _5

      Valkplant is specialised in:

      • Examination & Testing of new varieties (a.o. on our testlocation in Hazerswoude)
      • Protection with plant variety rights and or trademarks & Licensing
      • Building a reliable network of partners and quality growers in Europe and North America
      • Commercialisation & Marketing
      • Policing to prevent illegal growing and trading

      Valkplant is also responsible for the Proven Winners® shrubs program in Europe. A program that has a lot to offer to growers, retailers and consumers, namely:

      • One single brand with a unique and broad assortment
      • Top quality plants thoroughly tested and protected with plant breeders rights (PBR) and/or EU trademarks
      • Continuous innovation through a worldwide network of breeders and universities who are constantly trying to improve and innovate plants resulting in a vast pipeline of great new plants.
      • Recognizable plants through their consistent distinctive packaging: distinctive white container with the Proven Winners® logo and a diamond-shaped label booklet.
      • Marketing support (consumer marketing initiatives and retail marketing support)


        The plant assortment that Valkplant manages currently contains over 200 varieties among which:

        • Berberis thun. ‘Orange Rocket’
        • Buddleja Chip® series – Proven Winners®
        • Hebe Magicolors® series
        • Hydrangea arb. Pink Annabelle® (‘NCHA2’) – Proven Winners®
        • Hydrangea Flair & Flavours® series – Proven Winners®
        • Lonicera hen. ‘Copper Beauty’
        • Pieris jap. ‘Katsura’
        • Spiraea x Double Play® Big Bang (‘Tracy’) – Proven Winners®
        • Spiraea bet. ‘Tor Gold’
        • Syringa Bloomerang® Dark Purple (‘SMSJBP7’)
        Hydrangea panic. Little Lime® ('Jane') IMG_6067