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In cooperation with a number of growers we developed a new element for Plantarium Digital Expo, called Plantarium Greentours. Before the digital expo starts, it is possible to physically visit the Plantarium participants from August 24 to September 1. At Plantarium Digital Expo, visitors can schedule appointments, plan the most ideal route and meet growers in the field at their nurseries.


For Visitors

Nothing beats a meeting with a breeder at their own nursery. Go out and visit the companies at your convenience and make reservations beforehand so everyone can prepare your visit correctly and safely. Plantarium presents Greentours with an overview of available companies and a roadmap for an optimal and efficient tour schedule. Start planning your tour from August 1st.


for exhibitors

Do you want to meet visitors personally at your own nursery? Open your doors for visitors during the Plantarium Greentours. Your can choose the days of your preference between August 24th and September 1st preceding the digital exhibition.
Visitors make reservations through the Plantarium website. Not only will you know who will visit you, but also we will make sure that your agenda is planned effectively. Participation in Greentours is a free option in exhibitor packages silver, gold and platinum.