Poppin’ Purple

Agapanthus Poppin ‘Purple has fantastic purple flowers and gives a surprising number of flower stems. Poppin ‘Purple has a long flowering period with good re-flowering so that you can enjoy the intense purple flowers for a long time. This Agapanthus grows faster than other varieties and becomes approx. 60 cm high and 45 cm wide. Place Poppin ‘Purple in (full) sun in a well-drained soil. It is a great plant for in the perennial border, in a pot on the patio or balcony or in mixed containers. Poppin ‘Purple is resistant to crown rot / Erwinia.

Jury report

Beautiful full, flowering plants; inflorescence not uniformly spherical and the open flowers tend to droop slightly; the purple flower color is not unique, but simply beautiful; Contrary to the description of the submitter (60 cm), the larger plant is approximately 80 cm high.

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