Bella Pesche


Hydrangea macrophylla

Bella Pesche

Hydrangea macrophylla “HORE1644” (BELLA PESCHE) is a compact bulb of hydrangea, grows compact and branches well, flowers abundantly. It blooms with a special color, opens with lime-colored flowers, turns peach-colored to pink, after which a green lime-colored hint appears in the flower. By the end of summer, all flowers turn completely red. Due to its compact growth, this hydrangea is perfect for placement in a pot, on a patio or terrace.

Jury report

Beautiful full plants with sturdy branches and large inflorescences that completely cover the plants; the sterile flowers have an attractive pattern of colored stripes; they open pink, then turn green and bloom brown-red; many different flowering stages per plant, which means that the flowering time is longer; is rather a patio plant than a garden plant.

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