Magical Jewel


Hydrangea macrophylla

Magical Jewel

A very hard and beautiful round bulb of Hydrangea. Grows compact and flowers very abundantly. Opens with lime-colored flowers and turns pink from the center of the flower. At the end of the season, the flowers turn completely red. Due to its compact growth, this hydrangea is perfect for a pot on a patio or terrace. In short, a perfect addition to the Magical range!

Jury report

Improvement of “Hokomathyst” (MAGICAL AMETHYST) and “Hokomac” (MAGICAL CORAL): grows wider and shorter by nature, with firmer inflorescences; the flowers can be larger than in the plants shown and the five plants are slightly different in color; presentation as a houseplant and less as a garden plant.

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Kolster BV has specialized since the eighties in cut shrub cultivation, cut shrub delivery and cut shrub breeding. From the tree nursery sector Kolster BV has gradually specialized in cut shrubs, from 2000 Magical perennials, pot and container plants and soil coverers have been added. Breeding, testing and introduction occupy the most important place in our company.