Mangave ‘Mad about Mangave®’

Mission to Mars

A revolution in plant breeding! As an intergeneric hybrid, Mangave has the best of both parents: Agave’s durability and grand, architectural shapes, Manfreda’s unique colors and markings. The softer spines also come from Manfreda, making Mangave easy to handle. The Mad about Mangave® varieties are fast growers. Mangave likes a spot in full sun; this is where the colors and distinctive leaf markings come out best. The Mad about Mangave® are beautiful as a solitary in a pot or container, but also perfect for a mixed container with other succulents.

A common nickname for Mars is the Red Planet, and this Mangave gets its nickname because of the unique, intense red color of its leaves. The thick green leaves are heavily speckled with burgundy, with blotches that blend together for an overall red look. The tips of the leaves bend downwards. The edges curl up to show off the cinnamon-colored spines; a nice addition to the red.


For all assessed Mangave, see above – ‘Mission to Mars’ is an elegant plant with handsome foliage colours. Very sharp leaf margins and tips. Elegant wavy leaves.

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