Mangave ‘Mad about Mangave®’

Pineapple Express

A revolution in plant breeding! As an intergeneric hybrid, Mangave has the best of both parents: Agave’s durability and grand, architectural shapes, Manfreda’s unique colors and markings. The softer spines also come from Manfreda, making Mangave easy to handle. The Mad about Mangave® varieties are fast growers. Mangave likes a spot in full sun; this is where the colors and distinctive leaf markings come out best. The Mad about Mangave® are beautiful as a solitary in a pot or container, but also perfect for a mixed container with other succulents.

‘Pineapple Express’ has a refined, spiky habit reminiscent of the top of a pineapple. The dark green leaves are long and slender, with pronounced burgundy-order spots. The spots are more pronounced in full sun. A waxy coating gives the leaves a mint green sheen. The leaves are tightly packed to form a spiny rosette. Small spines line the edges and a very sharp, cinnamon-colored spine on the tip completes the spiky look.


For all assessed Mangave, see above – ‘Pineapple express’ has attractive colour patterns in its foliage. Somewhat finer in plant structure than the other two assessed varieties.

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