Physocarpus opulifolius


Physocarpus opulifolius ‘ZLEBic5’

Sweet Cherry Tea

It’s easy to see how ninebarks have become one of our most beloved natives. This new free-flowering selection from breeder David Zlesak has more bells and whistles than we can count! Delicate, feathery leaves begin the spring season with a warm, reddish-orange glow before aging to a rich purple. Dark-pink buds open to multiple delicate, pink flowers clustered together at the tips of every branch. As the petals fall, they give way to showy, rose-red fruits that hold their color for a few weeks in late spring. Stunning! But wait…there’s more! The re-blooming trait that Sweet Cherry Tea™ exhibits is extremely rare in ninebarks, giving us much more to celebrate! In midsummer, the flowering starts again with vigorous shoots terminating in more pink flower clusters. Exceptional branching that follows allows for many side shoots with warm, colored tips to develop and increase plant density – minimizing pruning and contributing to the various shades of…Sweet Cherry Tea™!



Handsome, compact plant with attractive small leaves. Good ornamental value and innovative in foliage colours. No flowers present when assessed.

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We are pleased to introduce our company ! Kolster BV is a leading producer of basic materials for the ornamental foliage cultivation sector. Besides cultivation and selling of cutflowers, perennials, peonies and containerplants, breeding is a very important aspect of our company’s business.