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Acer Palmatum

Japanese Jewels


Introduce the ‘Japanese Jewels’® collection into your garden for pleasure throughout all four seasons of the year! The wide choice of colours, shapes, types and sizes means there is something for everyone. ‘Japanese Jewels’® will delight you all year round with their overwhelming palette of colours. In winter, when the Acer has no leaves, the branches are beautifully coloured in shades of green, yellow, red, or even stripes. In spring, the buds develop into beautifully coloured leaves, which sometimes display attractive colour gradients. The leaves retain these colours in summer until autumn, when the leaves of most Acers change to an intense red, orange or purple. A potted ‘Japanese Jewel’® is a wonderful addition to your terrace or balcony. It is exceptionally striking in the garden too. In larger gardens, there is no need to prune the Japanese maple. However, pruning is often necessary in urban gardens and on balconies or terraces, but it can be done easily and effectively! Hard pruning should be done in December and light (shaping) pruning in summer. This will keep your shrub, stalks or bonsai beautifully in shape! ‘Japanese Jewels’® are gems for every garden. Your choice, our Jewels.


  • Very hardy
  • Available in many colours
  • Available in many varieties
  • Some varieties produce brightly colored branches in winter
  • Suitable for garden and terrace
  • Something for everyone!