J. van Zoest B.V.


Clematis C2 in 2 Litre pot


Order period: year round as long as stock lasts.

  • January till the end of March: plants without leaves.
  • March till the end of April: plants with new growth from old shoots.
  • May and June: new plants with flowers and/or flower buds, mainly of our own PBR cultivars selected especially for spring flowering.
  • From August: the complete variety of our stock is available for sale again, in August and September with flowers.

Quantity: minimum of 5 plants per cultivar per order.

Loading for transport:

  • 8 plants per tray, 10 trays per CC, 80 plants per CC (fust 408)
  • 15 or 16 plants per box, 8 boxes per CC, 120 or 128 plants per CC (fust 340)


2 liter container: 2 liter rose-pot container with one 90 cm bamboo cane. More than 400 different cultivars are available.