Mabo Boomkwekerijen


Clerodendron trichototum


White pleasant fragrance flower bunches, spectacular berries. Dense crown.


A multiple-stemmed shrub by nature, sometimes cultivated as a tree. The leaf has a pointed tip and smells strongly of peanut butter when rubbed. The flower bunches are loose and open and consist of small, circa 1.5 cm large, white flowers that have a pleasant fragrance and a strikingly dark red calyx. They can become circa 20 cm across. Just as nice are the circa 1 cm, beautifully deep blue berries, borne on a persisting dark red calyx. The plant has fleshy roots and can be propagated by root cutting. Its location has to be sunny and warm. In cold winters the young twigs may be damaged. The variety of fargesii is different because the calyx is green instead of red. The fruits are usually slightly lighter blue.