Coreopsis rosea

Twinkelbells sunrise


The Coreopsis rosea Twinklebells® series flowers extremely rich with masses of bright-colored flowers. Its flowering period is exceptionally long. From early summer to early winter, you can see this new Coreopsis sparkle in your garden! The Twinklebells® series has a compact, bushy habit. Its height is 30 cm and its width 20 cm. Its flowers have a fine structure, which gives a very playful and decorative effect in your garden. Excellent as a solitary on your terrace or patio, mixed planting and perennial borders. Plant them in the sun in normal, sandy or clay soil. Twinklebells® are disease tolerant, survive winters to -8 °C and are very easy to maintain. The latest additions to the series are Twinklebells® Sunrise (‘P16132’), having yellow flowers with a red heart, and Twinklebells® Copper (‘P16064’), with warm orange-red flowers. Bred by Uriseed.


  • Prolific flowering.
  • Compact, bushy habit.
  • Long flowering period (early summer into autumn).
  • Fine flowers, giving a playful and decorative effect.
  • Excellent in containers, mixed planting and perennial borders.
  • Vibrant flower colors. The latest additions are Twinklebells® Copper (‘P16064’) and Twinklebells® Sunrise (‘P16132’). Copper has orange-red flowers. Sunrise has bright yellow flowers with a red heart.