Mabo Boomkwekerijen


Ginkgo biloba


Special shaped leaves, spectacular yellow autumn color.


A deciduous tree that is narrow and pyramidal at first, but later spreads out as it grows. The trunk is greyish brown and later deeply grooved. Very mature trunks have characteristic bumps. The leaf and flowers are on short shoots. The fan-shaped leaves grow in bundles of 3 – 5 together and have an incised top. In the autumn the leaves turn a striking golden yellow. At the same time, fruit appears that has an unpleasant odour when ripe. The tree does not bear fruit until it is 20 – 50 years old. The tree is naturally dioecious, but mature trees may bear both male and female flowers. Ginkgo is very resistant to air pollution and requires a site with ample light. The tree occurred as long as 250 million years ago and has survived many epochs, including the dinosaur age. The oldest living specimens are approximately 1,000 years old. Ginkgo biloba can attain a considerable age. In Japan there are specimens of which it is said that they are more than 1000 years old.