Drip lines


  • Extruded hose with inserted dripper element
  • Roll lengths from 400 to 600m (Big Reels available on request)
  • Available in 16 and 20mm diameter
  • Reusable for up to ten years in surface application
  • With subsurface application, usable for up to 20 years with correct use
  • Minimum filtration: 100 microns, 130 mesh
  • Minimum pressure: 0.8 Bar
  • Nominal pressure: 2.0 Bar
  • Maximum pressure: 3.5 Bar


HortiGreen drip lines are thick-walled drip lines that can be reused for several seasons when used correctly. Drip lines are very durable due to the thicker wall. There are two different types of drip lines available, namely; no-drain (PCND) and anti-siphon (PCAS).

No-drain drip lines (PCND) are pressure compensating and are made in such a way that these hoses do not drain. At minimum pressure, the drip elements close so that the hose does not drain. This makes this hose suitable for short irrigation, because the drip lines start and stop over the entire length of the drip line at the same time.

Anti-siphon drip lines (PCAS) are an upgrade of PCND drip lines. PCAS drip lines posses all characteristics of PCND drip lines but PCAS also prevent the drip elements from sucking in dirt at the end of watering. Thanks to this anti-siphon characteristic, this hose is suitable for subsurface application.

HortiGreen drip lines have a working pressure of 2.0 bar, which saves on pumping costs compared to reel irrigation (high pressure). The difference between HortiGreen drip tape and HortiGreen drip lines is durability due to the thicker wall and longer drip line lengths do to less pressure losses.