High performance drip tape


  • Extruded dripper element
  • Minimal sensitive to dirt
  • Roll lengths from 1200 to 3000m
  • Available in 16 and 22mm diameter
  • Wall thicknesses of 6, 8, 10 and 15 mil are regularly in stock
  • 10 and 15 version reusable up to three seasons, with proper use
  • Minimum filtration: 100 microns, 130 mesh
  • Maximum pressure: 0,7 Bar


Drip tape is a type of drip hose. Drip tapes have a thin wall, making most drip tapes suitable for one growing season. Depending on your situation, a drip tape with a wall thickness of 6 to 15 mils (0.15 – 0.38 mm) is chosen. Drip tape gets its name from the way it is rolled up, because the hose is rolled up flat, just like duct tape for example!

By watering directly at the roots of the plant, almost no water evaporates. Due to this low evaporation, the delivery per drip element only needs to be 0.6 liters per hour. A very high uniformity of irrigation can also be achieved over the entire plot. Depending on the cultivation and soil type, the drip elements are between 20 and 40 centimeters apart.

Drip tapes only require a pressure of 0.7 bar. This is where drip irrigation with drip tapes differs from conventional irrigation with reels and a sprinkler cannons. This saves a lot of money on pumping costs as much smaller pumps are required for drip irrigation compared to traditional irrigation methods.