Pump Unit


Available in:

  • Solar
  • Power Generator
  • 380 Volt

Many methods of filtration and fertigation are possible. Built on a durable aluminum frame. Your choice of several high-end control panels:

  • Hortimax
  • Netafim
  • Rainbird
  • Solum


Hortigreen mixers are pump units built by Broere Beregening. Broere Beregening can offer you various Hortigreen mixers which can be supplied with power by solar panels, aggregate or mains power. With this, the irrigation computer, the centrifugal or well pump, the electric valves and the fertilization system can be powered.

Because drip tapes function at maximum pressure of 0.7 bar and drip hoses function at maximum pressure of 3.5 bar, we install a pressure reducing valve on the pump units as standard. This protects your installation against excessive pressure. In addition, the pump unit can be fitted with a filter that prevents your hoses from clogging by dirt.

HortiGreen mixers can be controlled in various ways, in the field via the irrigation computer, or remotely via your smartphone or computer. We offer you the following brands of irrigation computers; Hortimax, Netafim, Rainbird and Solum.

We have a number of standard pump units in the system with a capacity of 6m3 to 40m3 per hour, but are happy to make a personal solution in consultation with you.