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Ilex crenata



The new Ilex crenata Luxus® combines the best attributes of a Buxus and a Holly (Ilex). It has glossy dark green foliage, and the plant is hardy (to -20°C) producing lovely clusters of white flowers in spring. Consequently, the Forever Green Luxus® is very bee-friendly. It is also very robust and resistant to disease. This makes the plant ideal for any form: from topiary ball to hedging.

The Forever Green Luxus® is available in a variety of shapes, pot sizes and with added value. Hedging, globose and pyramidal forms are all available. Pot sizes in the range of 9 cm to 10 litre pots. Added value is tailor-made in accordance with the wishes of the customer and their consumer.

The advantages of Forever Green Luxus®:

  • New product with storytelling
  • Appeals to a broad target group: easy & evergreen
  • Excellent shelf presentation and suitable for carrying in stock year-round
  • Wide range of forms and sizes
  • During flowering period (April/May) clusters of white flowers.


  • Green all year-round
  • Glossy dark-green foliage
  • Male (without any berries)
  • Resistant to disease
  • Produces clusters of white flowers in spring
  • Bee-friendly


Quality Green Plants B.V.

Quality Green Plants - Buying four key green products from the source. Quality Green Plants combines strength, knowledge and talent. Under the brand name forever green ® we supply a wide range of A+ quality evergreen garden plants. The most important of these are: Conifers, Buxus (box) and Mini Christmas trees. We are also the exclusive supplier of the new Luxus® line.