Mabo Boomkwekerijen


Liquidambar styraciflua


Robust cork frame on the trunk and branches, Spectacular autumn color, Strong and disease-free.


In its natural habitat it grows to 40 m in height but when cultivated it seldom grows taller than 25 – 30 m. The crown grows in a narrow pyramidal manner at first with an ascending, vertical trunk. When the tree is older the branches grow out wider so that the crown becomes ovoid. The grey trunk has deep grooves. Young twigs are yellowish-green and turn reddish-brown. Older branches develop thick grey corky wings that sometimes fall off. The leaves are 5-lobed (sometimes 7-lobed) and the leaf edge is serrated. They are 8 – 16 cm long and 10 – 20 cm wide. The intense autumn colours are varied: wine-red with yellow, orange and violet and all kinds of shades. When the tree is planted on a humid site the leaves turn more violet. The fruit capsules appear after the unremarkable flowering and they remain hanging on the tree until deep into winter. Is not resistant to long-lasting dry periods. Because the trunk is almost dead straight up to the top of the crown, the sweet gum is eminently useful as an avenue tree.