Lonicera nitida

Garden clouds


The Lonicera Garden Clouds® series was selected for its dense, vigorous growth and glossy, fine leaves. These Lonicera are easy to prune, for example in a ball-shape. The Garden Clouds® are excellent as an alternative for boxwood. Disease-tolerant. Winter hardy to -18 degrees Celsius and evergreen. The Garden Clouds® consists of three colors. Copper Glow (‘GRLN03’) is green with copper-orange young leaves. Green Breeze (‘GRLN01’) has striking, vibrant green foliage. Purple Storm (‘GRLN02’) is dark green leaves with purple young leaves. Bred by Guido Rouwette.


  • Glossy, fine leaves in three different colors
  • Vigorous growth
  • Easy to shape and prune
  • Not susceptible to diseases
  • Alternative to boxwood
  • Winter hardy
  • Evergreen
  • Well-branched