MABO Boomkwekerijen

Parrotia persica



Early and keeps their leaves a long time, amazing autumn color, strong and disease-free.


Usually a shrub with branches starting at ground level, growing to become a medium-large tree with a spreading, irregular branching pattern. Sometimes also cultivated as a high stemmed tree. The trunk is light grey with purplish brown spots and has flaking bark plates. This is especially decorative in more mature trees. Young twigs have remarkable lenticels. The glossy leaf is dark when it emerges and usually has a slanted shape, with the top half of the leaf edge undulating irregularly. The main decorative value is the autumn colors of red, yellow and purple. Mainly older specimens bloom. The flowers are about 2 cm big and are striking due to the bright red anthers. The bare shrub is spectacular when in full bloom. After flowering, 1-cm spiked brown fruit appears. The tree has a fine root system close to the surface.