Quality Green Plants B.V.

Picea glauca Conica



Quality Green Plants is the specialist for the Mini Christmas tree (Picea glauca Conica). This small-sized Christmas tree is supplied natural or ready dressed for your shelf Christmas theme. This means that the ornamental pot, lighting and decoration are entirely in line with your in-store presentation.

Do you want snow, glitter or glow in the dark? Everything is possible. We can also supply covers, sleeves and even in-store communications for your own corporate look and feel.

The advantages of the Forever Green Mini Christmas Tree:

  • Appeals to a broad target group; fits in any space!
  • Eye-catcher on the shelf

  • Little shelf space required: high returns!

  • Excellent durability from source to consumer

  • Large quantities of uniform A+ quality


Picea glauca Conica is mostly used as a mini Christmas Tree. It grows slowly and it is also known as a dwarf Alberta Spruce. Our type is compact, a classic pyramid shape and available as potgrown or pressed in the pot.

We offer 9cm pots (30cm high) untill 26cm pot (130cm high).

All sizes are accurate sorted by height and volume. All pots will be washed.


Quality Green Plants B.V.

Quality Green Plants - Buying four key green products from the source. Quality Green Plants combines strength, knowledge and talent. Under the brand name forever green ® we supply a wide range of A+ quality evergreen garden plants. The most important of these are: Conifers, Buxus (box) and Mini Christmas trees. We are also the exclusive supplier of the new Luxus® line.