Lendert de Vos B.V.

Azalea rhododendron x

Bloomchampion collection


The varieties in the BloomChampion® Collection are unique for their ability to flower for five months a year. The first flowers start in April an flower again in the autumn. The varieties are semi-evergreen, compact and rich flowering.

There are five varieties in the BloomChampion® Collection:

  • Pink – flowers with pink double flowers.
  • Purple – flowers with purple semi-double flowers.
  • Red – flowers with red single flowers.
  • Salmon – flowers with salmon colour, semi-double flowers.
  • White – flowers with white single flowers.


  • Compact growth
  • Rich flowering
  • Winter hardy
  • Keeps globe shape from
  • Single- and double flowering varieties
  • Semi-evergreen year round
  • Sturdy stems
  • Flowers up to 5 months per year
  • Very suitable in a pot on the terrace


Kwekerij Lendert de Vos B.V.

Nursery Lendert de Vos BV is the supplier of strong brands in Hydrangea macrophylla, paniculata and arborescens. We grow high quality cuttings, young plants and semi-mature plants. Brother and sister Lendert and Wendy are the driving force behind Nursery Lendert de Vos BV. Lendert scouts worldwide to find varieties that always complement the current range. Wendy is the matchmaker: se selects the plants based on their characteristics and matches these to the grower’s requirements. The aim is to place the right plant with the right customer.