Valkplant B.V.

Weigela florida ‘Verweig8’

Weigela flor. All Summer® Monet


Weigela All Summer® Monet has beautiful contrasting, multicoloured foliage. This fast growing Weigela has a natural compact bushy habit therefore requires little to no pruning. All Summer® Monet flowers in april/may with beautiful lilac-pink flowers. Due to its compact habit, multicoloured foliage and beautfiul flowers this plant is very suitable for consumer gardens, landscape plantings and as a patio plant. Regular pruning will stimulate reblooming.

Awarded with a KVBC Silver Medal (Plantarium 2019)

Other varieties in the All Summer® series are: All Summer® Peach (peach-coloured flowers) and All Summer® Red (bright red flowers)


  • Beautiful multi-coloured foliage
  • Compact, bushy habit (almost no pruning required)
  • Lilac-pink flowers
  • Abundant flowering
  • Hardy