Rovero Systems B.V.

Agro 640

Climate hall


Field crops can also be in need of protection from time to time. Wind, hail, insects, strong sunlight or night frosts can all play havoc with your crops. Rovero supplies a range of climate structures to help you guard your crops against this kind of damage. These structures are, for instance, equipped with fixed or mobile screens. Climate structures are available with various types of netting, e.g. shade netting, hail netting, insect netting, bird netting or transparent netting. All netting is available in a choice of widths and in any desired length.

Agro 640 provides permanent protection for field crops. It protects your micro-climate and your crops can grow better. These climate structures, with permanent netting, have a short payback time.

Climate structures are in use all over the world. In warm regions there is a preference for a lighter construction with wires and shade netting. The shade structure is also very useful for growers of perennials, trees and shrubs for cutting.

In the past the modular system with tubing and couplings has proved itself to be extremely efficient. It is quick and easy to assemble and comes with many different options. For example, you can opt for movable or fixed netting. In addition there is a cover for every possible application.