Plantipp B.V.


Little Lemons (‘Zo14100’)


Clematis Little Lemons (‘Zo14100’) was selected because of its dwarf habit, long flowering period and gorgeous, yellow flowers. The seed fluff that appears after flowering gives a very decorative effect. In the Netherlands, the flowers attract bees and bumblebees. Clematis Little Lemons produces stems of 20-30 cm long with sometimes an outlier to 50 cm. Its leaves are pinnate and green coloured. Little Lemons has yellow flowers that are nodding and beautifully bell-shaped with a diameter of 2-3 cm. Clematis Little Lemons flowers from mid-May to early September. Prune in March to 10 cm above the ground. This Clematis of the Tangutica Group is hardy to -25 ºC.


  • Gorgeous, yellow, bell-shaped flowers
  • Decorative, fluffy seed heads after flowering.
  • Compact habit.
  • Long flowering period.
  • Excellent as pot- and garden plant.