van Son & Koot B.V.




The Maori® is a trendy and unique plant, which fits perfectly in an industrial, minimalist style. “Less is more”, is with this one branch-shaped plant the perfect expression. Due to the modest greenery, the plant brings a lot of atmosphere to the room and gives it translation to nature. The Maori® is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The Maori® is available in three varieties: Green leaf, Silver leaf & Little leaf.

Maori Silver Leaf Vs Corokia Cotoneaster:

  • Indoor & outdoor use!
  • Better shelf life; less leaf fall
  • Growth
  • Better branching (30%)
  • Good further development with the consumer
  • More maintenance-friendly
  • Less leaf fall
  • Maori® Silver is more silver in color and retains color in winter


  • Bright fresh green leaf color
  • Small round leaflets that leathery feel
  • Evergreen, none fall back to winter color (rust)
  • Zigzag bushy shape (lower, wider)
  • Loves a light location
  • Both very good indoors and outdoors