The interactive communication platform for grower and buyer

TreeCommerce® Messenger



  • A central place for managing and sending current stock, with photos.
  • Easy to operate and interactive.
  • Access to a large trading network.
  • When using TreeCommerce Messenger in combination with WinTree, you will save a tremendous amount of work. This because of the function that will ensure that the booking of a sales order will be done automatically.


TreeCommerce® Messenger connects grower and buyer!
TreeCommerce® Messenger is easy to use. Upload an Excel file and make a connection with the trading companies that are allowed to view your stock.

As a grower, TreeCommerce® Messenger allows you to quickly build a trading network and make it easier for a buyer to order from you.

The benefit for you !?
Your offer can automatically be imported by your (potential) buyer / trading partner and your stock batch (including photo) is directly at the attention of your (potential) buyer / trading partner during searches or when making an offer. In addition, the product can be purchased directly, without having to perform an additional action.