Complete software tailored to tree nursery production and trading companies


Wintree Connect


WinTree® CONNECT provides your business with an excellent combination and connectivity of your software within your working processes, in the office and outside in the field. TreeCommerce® Messenger is the digital communication platform that connects you with your customer and supplier. The WinTree® App provides a remote connection between the nursery, in the field and your officebased team. Each service contract includes a TreeCommerce® Messenger company account and an App license as standard.

WinTree® CONNECT… connects!


With WinTree® CONNECT you are assured of the most complete software, tailored to your business processes. The various modules within the software, which function closely together, offer the possibility to use the software for optimal efficiency within your own work processes.

This includes maintaining customer data, insight into stock and its management, sales order administration, purchasing, delivery, invoicing, etc. WinTree® CONNECT is divided into 2 segments: Grower and Trade. Within these segments there are 3 package types: GREEN, BLUE and GOLD. Each package can be expanded with various additional functions.